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Learn iT! |
Learn iT! is a San Francisco based computer training facility. They offer an alive and stimulating learning experience for students studying basic desktop application courses through technical training and professional development and soft skills.

Neo Craft began its relationship with Learn iT! in September of 2005 as their CMS system rolled out to production. Neo Craft continues to support their web site (based on the DotNetNuke Framework) with custom .net module development to support special offers, information requests, course registration requests and private client registrations. Neo Craft is also tasked with the ongoing maintenance and development of their custom business application, backed in SQL 2005. Neo Craft has introduced the use of SSIS and SSRS projects within their system to enhance productivity and fulfill business requirements.

Here are some examples of tasks performed for Learn iT!

  • - Learn iT! Anywhere

  • Neo Craft has supported the implementation and changes for Learn iT! website. As their business continues to evolve, they begin to offer new products including virtual training. Neo Craft instituted new data elements and incorported those into their systems to support the registration request process for students desiring to participate in Learn iT! Anywhere classes.

  • Learn iT! Internals - "Event Requests"

  • Learn iT! has made a move to consolidate a manual/paper process of booking client events into a fully integrated 'Event Request' process which shares critical information between Learn iT! sales, IT staff, and teachers as well as clients, and their students. Neo Craft was heavily involved in the backend implementation and the front end development based on Learn iT's requirements.

    Under the hood are a number of advanced SQL programming techniques which make it a success, including triggers, audit trailing, and utilizing the COLUMNS_UPDATED function in order to track and display record changes. This is later used to highlight the form controls for administrators to quickly view what has been changed on the form, eliminating the need for staff to communicate what exaclty was changed and reduce confusion.

    This process has become a backbone of Learn iT's daily activities.

  • Learn iT! Private Event Registrations

  • Learn iT! now offers an online tool for their clients to handle registering their students for Learn iT! private events. I did not dream it up, but wrote every line of code.

    Learn iT's CEO had this to say...

    "3-4 Months ago Matt came to me and said Clorox was insiting on having Learn iT! handle all registrations for their private events. After hearing what they want I was skeptical. It seemed like a total pain to create anything close to what they want and VERY expensive with all the database/automation needs. For someone who is almost always of the attitude "Let's do it" I admit I wanted nothing to do with this project. I didn't see the value, didn't think we could get it to work and couldn't believe clients would pay extra for this added feature.

    Well - thank goodness I don't always get my way

    Jamie & Matt pushed forward with the help of Michael (our DB Consultant) and created a very cool registration portal specifically for our clients' private events.

    This Feature essentially includes all the necessary LMS (Learning Management System) tools; marketing emails for course dates, registrations, tracking, reminders, follow up emails, course history and even directions to the class.

    Why is this GREAT?

    (A) It is a major relief for the clients to no longer have to deal with the labor and logistics that go along with enrolling their people in a private class - taking this chore off a clients plate will definately help increase enrollment which in return means less classes will cancel.

    (B) Every time we are able to autmoate processes it's another "bag of tricks" we can show our client to let them know how Learn iT! really has out act together.

    (C) There is a lot of great sales/marketing tools embedded (evaluations included, email addresses, follow up opps)

    (D) This is my favorite part - it WILL be profitable!!! Yes Learn iT! made a substantial Investment (Hey Michael I appreciate how fair you were in pricing) The Registratin Portal wil be an optional fee"... " we will recoup our investment in no time and I bet quadrouple our investment within 12 months - WOW"

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    Wells Fargo - On The Watch |
    Wells Fargo - On The Watch

    Teller vigilance reward system - when tellers catch fraudsters trying to pass of fake IDs and phony items for payment, they can submit this information and earn a cash bonus in their next paycheck.

    My task was to revamp the look and feel of the existing site (completely running free with scissors) as well as simplify the user interface with updated requirements (specified by Wells Fargo management) so that all tellers would find it easy to utilize. This information fed systems within the bank which would flag known bad IDs in the event it was ever presented again.

    The new site hosted a variety of new features not previously available including administrative functions to query the collected information and export it to administrative users.

    Next time you are in a Wells Fargo branch - ask your teller if they have ever created an 'On The Watch'submittal.
    A-1 Appliances |
    A-1 Appliances

    A-1 Appliances of Oroville invested in a web presence in 2008. A-1 owner Mike McAvoy had a strong desire to showcase the "local", family friendly service they provide, and have a web site that offered the same.

    Neo Craft partnered with A-1's POS vendor - CMIC Data Services, in order to provide A-1 with an online show room of appliances. After developing their DB schema and ETL process to update the data, a custom .net project was in order.

    A-1 Appliances website is based on the DotNetNuke framework, with custom module development to display categorized appliances. Neo Craft took into consideration A-1's requirements to produce an easy to use interface, and create a method of allowing customers to get in contact with them concerning parts, service and consultation.

    Neo Craft went the extra mile for A-1, and made an update to the core web system in order to make all title tags reflect the appliance being served on the page. This is not a default function of the DNN content management system. This is the critical piece for allowing their catalog of appliances to be indexed by search engines and allows serach engines like Google to display unique and well defined results.

    Neo Craft also provided tracking code via Clicky to show A-1 real time SEO results.

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    Carpet Warehouse and Interiors |
    Carpet Warehouse and Interiors

    Carpet Warehouse and Interiors decided to update their site in 2008. Their former site was just not cutting it. Neo Craft was interested in creating a one off site, that utilized pure CSS and div tag layout. Some have called me 'table happy' and perhaps that is true, however it was a fun exercise to work with flash and photoshop, make a client happy, and get paid for it!!

    I also created a site intro, however they decided not to use it... must admit it broke my heart a little bit, tell me what you think.

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    Surminsky Homes |
    Surminsky Homes - Professional Custom Home Builder

    Neo Craft is the point of contact for Surminsky homes to supply information and images of their current projects and offers. Services rendered include IT support,web updates, search engine optimization, advertising works, and panoramic imagery of his beautiful custom homes.

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    Virtues Now!
    Virtues Now!

    Neo Craft took the reigns for the finishing touches to an intranet project for schools. The concept of the product was to have a method of tracking issues with students so that a history of behavior could be ascertained at a glance and help staff to remediate issues.

    The new look and functions were requested by stake holders and implemented by Neo Craft. This was a situation were a pixel for pixel recreation of their mockup was developed under the .net 2.0 master page paradigm. Under a tight deadline Neo Craft was able to deliver a working project with a number of updates to the user interface and programming.